The Idea

Hello! We are the team behind СТ52 and in the next paragraphs we have presented the concept of the company.
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Next generation buildings

You are obviously about to buy a home. Most often this is among one’s major life decisions, including from a financial perspective. Therefore, it is advisable, or even mandatory that you are fully aware of what you are going to buy. It is our view that a home is to be considered something much more than merely a “shelter“ in a certain area of the city. Our experience, however, shows that many of our friends see their dwellings as just that and never think of the extremely important characteristics of the spaces, where they are going to spend much of their lives.


In most cases, the factors, that play the most significant role, when making the final decision for buying a residential property, are the price, location and room distribution. These are followed by other factors, such as the quality of the doors and windows, the type of elevator etc. The price and location are subjective factors. For some, a district may seem very attractive and they may be inclined to pay a much higher price for an apartment therein, compared to someone else, who does not like the area.

For us, the good room distribution, quality materials and optimized common areas are the characteristics, to be considered key. These should be good by default. There are, however, a number of other factors, most of which are being ignored, when making the decision to buy a residential property, although these are very important. The idea for СТ52 developed precisely around these factors, resulting in the development of our concept for designing residential properties, ensuring high quality of life.

This concept is based on four key elements – health and wellbeing, environmental responsibility, hi-tech sense of future and the harmonic presence in the urban environment.

Health and wellbeing

In our urban daily lives, we are exposed to a number of factors, having a drastic negative impact on our quality of life – they impair our health, render us less efficient and have an adverse effect on our mood. Therefore, in CT52 we focus on ensuring the maximum quality of life for the people in the buildings, including air and water purity, noise minimization, abundance of sunlight and a focus on vegetation.

With environmental responsibility

СТ52’s team is part of General “Y” or the so-called “Millennials”. We care for the environment and strive to minimize the environmental impact and carbon footprint, resulting from our activities. We try to make sure that our clients have proper opportunities to do the same and thus boost the positive impact.

With view of the future with high-tech solutions

Buying a residential property is usually a long-term investment. A good home is one, designed and built thinking of the future world. Therefore, our buildings boast high-tech solutions.

In harmony with the city

We are always irritated by the utter ugliness of many buildings emerging throughout the city and their complete lack of adequacy and continuity with the environment, where they are located. Furthermore, just 3-4 years later, they start looking all worn-down and generally have a repulsive appearance.
CT52‘s projects are designed, in order to have a harmonic presence in the urban environment – to complement and even enhance it. The buildings we are designing and implementing, have their own character, which is intransient and will leave a positive footprint on the development of the area and the entire city.